Hegel’s gaze upon reality is that of a Roentgen apparatus which sees in everything that is alive the traces of its future death.


recent history


The 1980s were the decade of the female bodybuilder.

“It was laying a new fiber-optics cable, which has a carrying capacity of twenty thousand simultaneous telephonic transmissions.”

“”Sir, we use a datascan image equivalent of two thousand pixels per side-biased frame, each pixel carrying a twelve-tone gray scale.””

“”You can’t have everything,” Barnes said. “And one of the things you can’t have at thirty atmospheres of mixed gas is whipped cream. Won’t whip. Let’s move on.””

“Norman said, “I notice your support team is all women.”

“Yes,” Barnes said. “All the deep-diving studies show that women are superion for submerged operations. They’re physically smaller and consume less nutrients and air, they have better social skills and tolerate close quarters better, and they are physiologically tougher and have better endurance. The fact is, the navy long ago recognised that all their submariners should be female.” He laughed. “But just try to implement that one.” He glanced at his watch. “We’d better move on. Ted?”” 



luugid lähevad lahti, küttekeha tungib trumlisse.

veel elab inimesi, kes mäletab aega, mil see oleks olnud mööndav luulekogu pealkiri.

GWF Hegel:


Egyptian Worship is chiefly Zoolatry. We have observed the union here presented between the Spiritual and the Natural: the more advanced and elevated side of this conception is the fact that the Egyptians, while they observed the Spiritual as manifested in the Nile, the Sun, and the sowing of seed, took the same view of the life of animals. To us Zoolatry is repulsive. We may reconcile ourselves to the adoration of the material heaven, but the worship of brutes is alien to us; for the abstract natural element seems to us more generic, and therefore more worthy of veneration. Yet it is certain that the nations who worshipped the Sun and the Stars by no means occupy a higher grade than those who adore brutes, but contrariwise; for in the brute world the Egyptians contemplate a hidden and incomprehensible principle. We also, when we contemplate the life and action of brutes, are astonished at their instinct – the adaptation of their movements to the object intended – their restlessness, excitability, and liveliness; for they are exceedingly quick and discerning in pursuing the ends of their existence, while they are at the same time silent and shut up within themselves. We cannot make out what it is that “possesses” these creatures, and cannot rely on them. A black tom-cat, with its glowing eyes and its now gliding, now quick and darting movement, has been deemed the presence of a malignant being – a mysterious reserved spectre: the dog, the canary-bird, on the contrary, appear friendly and symphatizing. The lower animals are the truly Incomprehensible. A man cannot by imagination or conception enter into the nature of a dog, whatever resemblance he himself might have to it; it remains something altogether alien to him. /…/

– The Philosophy of History



vene vanamehed mängivad viinapitsidega tamkat, the natural order of things is restored.

le grande remix


töölisrass muutub isandrassiks!

siin toimub mingi õudne asi



very worrisome.

worry some. then, worry more.