Love desires personality; therefore love desires divi-
sion. It is the instinct of Christianity to be glad that
God has broken the universe into little pieces … This
is the intellectual abyss between Buddhism and
Christianity; that for the Buddhist or Theosophist per-
sonality is the fall of man, for the Christian it is the
purpose of God, the whole point of his cosmic idea.
The world-soul of the Theosophists asks man to love
it only in order that man may throw himself into it.
But the divine centre of Christianity actually threw
man out of it in order that he might love it … all
modern philosophies are chains which connect and
fetter; Christianity is a sword which separates and
sets free. No other philosophy makes God actually re-
joice in the separation of the universe into living



Hysterics provoke, master commands, analyst sits down and does nothing, we obsessionals do all the work!



/…/ three main activities of Lacan during analysis were having cakes and tea, counting money, and interrupting with stupid questions.

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“Lille’i timukas, Lille’i timukas!”




Is it not that, ultimately, philosophy AS SUCH begins with Kant, with his transcendental turn? Is it not that the entire previous philosophy can be understood properly (not as the simple description of the “entire universe,” of the totality of beings, but as the description of the horizon within which entities disclose themselves to a finite human being) only if read “anachronistically,” from the standpoint opened up by Kant? Is it not that it was Kant who also opened up the field within which Heidegger himself was able to formulate the notion of Dasein as the place in which beings appear within a historically determined/destined horizon of meaning?



puraskI-i 2s. suur peitel. *Kõik muudki tööriistad – puurid, puraskid, oherdid, pikk- ja lihthöövlid lausa kiiskasid. V. Traat (tlk.).

puraskII-i 2s.

1.paharet, kurat. *Puraskitel ja vanapaganatel ei tule pahast nõust kunagi puudust kätte. J. Jaik.

2.(leebe kirumissõna:) kurask, kuramus, sunnik. Oota, purask, kuhu sa tormad! Kes purask teda käskis välja minna! *Kui ta, purask, mulle selle mängu ära õpetaks.. R. Roht.



kehkatund, kehkaõps, kehkatudeng, kehkasportlane.



muudkui kepsutaks!