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Let’s first note, as regards the possibility of global warming, that no proof has been established. Environmentalist propaganda compresses predictions of development that bear on half a century and makes out as though there will be a catastrophe within a year. If sea levels rise as a result of global warming, this is not going to happen from one day to the next. There will be a constant and continual effort to counter this effect in order to adapt to the changes. We can, doubtlessly, expect populations to be displaced. This has happened many times before and humanity has endured things infinitely more serious and radical than those which are being forecast now. It underwent an ice age and managed to survive with the means at its disposal – which were not at all those we have today.

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“tšikk” on tegelikult mugandus vanast saksa sõnast “tšnikk”.


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See artikkel räägib kokakoolast; koka all võidakse mõista ka kokapõõsast või kokaiini

Coca-Cola ehk kokakoola ehk coca-cola (eesti kõnekeeles ka koka ja koola, inglise keeles ka Coke) on üks karboniseeritud karastusjook, maailma populaarseim karastusjook ning esimene ja populaarseim koolajook.

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kui on rakuke nii pikuke sul et sellest keegi keegi ei tea