there are weapon stockpiles in Russia today — whole warehouses of crates — that contain thousands of rifles: the SMLE (Lee-Enfield .303) given to Russia in the beginning of the 20th century as per their lend-lease agreement with GB. they’re still packaged as if straight from the factory, they still have lubricant on them. meaning, if you wanted to, you could take out one of these things that are more than a 100 years old and fire it, and it would fire.

my point being: considering how many weapons are made today, most of them lying in crates in similar stockpiles, even if there was nuclear war, 200 years from then you could find a warehouse with these weapons in perfect condition.

you don’t think your rangers use weapons that were used during and after the war, and were just well kept for hundreds of years, do you? metal wears really fast, they say a military-grade mass-produced rifle barrel can’t take more than 5000 rounds fired through it. and that’s only one part of a complex weapon system that is the modern assault rifle

– rpgcodex


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