The more we analyze reality the more we find a void, because once we reach the level of quanta our conventional conceptions of the ordered cosmos just stop working. Not only do we here recognize that “there simply is no basic level,” that “divisions go on indefinitely,” whereby “the quantum level marks the beginning of the ‘blurring’ of ‘basic’ full reality,” [365] but also that “[o]ne should thus reject the ‘positive’ ontology that presupposes some zero-level of reality where things ‘really happen’ and dismisses the higher levels as mere abbreviations, illusory self-perception, and so forth. There is no such zero-level: if we go ‘all the way down,’ we arrive at the Void.” [366] This has a surprising consequence, one whose full metaphysical implications quantum mechanics thus summons us to accept: namely, that the closer we get to the origin of all things, the more ontologically incomplete reality is, the less distinguishable its fundamental constituents are from the void, thus forcing us not merely to proclaim that the void is “the only ultimate reality,” [367]but more drastically still that “’all there is’ is, precisely, not-All, a distorted fragment which is ultimately a ‘metonymy of nothing.’” [368] In short, what we experience as hard, full reality is at its core a mere vibration of nothingness lacking any true ontological depth, since there exists a certain radical indistinction between being (a structured physical universe) and the void (a structureless zone without any dense ontological determination in any traditional sense).



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