SHANNON: I think they’re on their way. Guess we have some time to kill.

CONWAY: Pretty grim place to be stuck.

SHANNON: I wonder what happened. To the tree, I mean.

Maybe it was just old.

You know what used to happen to old trees out in the forest? Wildfire would come through and clear them all out. It made room for the new trees.

But then people built houses, and we can’t have fires going all the time. So we keep putting them out. And now we have all these old trees choking out the saplings.

Starving the young trees for resources, just clinging on to life until… snap. And then some road crew comes by and blasts the stump with dynamite.

Um. I think I’ll take a look at that radio of yours. Maybe I can get it going again. No point just standing around.



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