its an inner attitude that a true vato has, full of loyalty, courage and love for his homies.

Pronounced “where-oh”. When a caucasion person (whitey) does something cool, and/or “beastly”, a mexican vato will say to his friends, “Este guero”. It’s like saying “Dang… this guy”. Or, “Damn look at that white boy.” But in a mexican way.
Derived from a family of mexicans known as “ranch hand cowboys” in the mountains of mexico. Usually drives an aqua colored truck.
Because of improved ranch training in Juarez, the choochez soon realized he had alot more chiavatos to impress with his ass branding skills”
any male who gives the impression that he is a mexican mafioso. Chances are that the person looks very dirty. To get a chato to stop what they are doing simply yell “migra!” chatos like to wear mustaches that appear like a thin patch of dirt to a thick slug
that dirty chato was bonin that chonga sucia in the back of his 1987 toyota tacoma…they had to do it compact because the lawnmower took up most of the space
r.i.p chato de shamrock
Any vato your close to. Could be a brother, cousin, homie, uncle, anybody. For a female, its Carnala. Literally translate to “Brother”
1. Term usually used when describing a Hispanic streetgang that is few in numbers. Literally means “few but crazy” or “crazy few”.
I don’t give a shit if there’s 30 of them and only 10 of us, fuck it ey, somos pocos pero locos!
pure talk, no action
they say they’re gonna kick my ass, te crees? es puro pedo.
Literally “for life”. A phrase you say when your dedicated to something.
Chuey: CV118 Por Vida Holmes, fuck tha rest!!
an offensive hispanic word for white people. just like the word mayate for black people. we are told it isn’t offensive, just like indianos, chuntaro or mojado “friends say it to each other”
We’re not racists, you gringos and mayates are racist.
A guatemalan word that means a low class individual. It is used to disenfranchise a person or activity. The word has a long history of also being used as a borderline racial slur to people of mixed or indian heritage.
“es un cholero de mierda”
“no soy tu cholero!”
“que choleros esos pantalones”
“no me gusta esa musica cholera”
Also spelled “cliqa.” It means “gang”, “your group”, “your close group of friends” similar to English word “clique.”
Hey, vato, donde esta tu clica?
pobre – “poor thing” in filipino
its spanish for hitting up ‘where you from’? litteraly it means what neighborhood
Whats up dog, que varrio.
A term used by Chicano urban/barrio youth to mean that a member of a group has turned his/her back on the rest|meaning that a member of a gang/group has disappointed his/her peers by joining another group/gang.

Can Also mean: a traitor/ “sell out” / “ranker” / “biotch”

No one can trust Scooby ever since he turned leva.

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